Welcome to the official website for The South African National Indoor and Field Archery Association (SANIFAA).

SANIFAA was recreated after agreement was reached with The South South African Archery Association to allow the IFAA Archery Discipline component to function again as SANIFAA, similar to pre 2014.


SANIFAA Membership


Membership is open to all archers who are members in good standing of a club affiliated to a province. There are many benefits to joining the SANIFAA, the greatest being that as a member you can contribute towards the growth and recognition of the sport. Membership is a requirement to participate in sanctioned tournaments, including the national championships. If you are a member of a recognised SANIFAA club, join SANIFAA today.

Note: All SANAA Members who participated in SANAA IFAA Competitions and was in good standing with SANAA will automatically become a member of SANIFAA for 2021. These memberships will automatically be drawn from the SANAA Membership list. All existing scores, records etc will also be transferred.
important info! SANIFAA Membership year start on 1 January each year. Invoices are send via email in November. If joined before June full membership is paid, after June a pro-rata amount is calculated. Lapse members will pay the full membership amount.

Who are we?

The South African National Indoor and Field Archery Association (SANIFAA) was reformed in January 2021 by a group of enthusiastic archers that enjoy International Field Archery Association (IFAA) competition. Before 2014 SANIFAA existed as a Archery Association for the IFAA discipline, and was incorporated within the South African National Archery Association in 2014.

SANIFAA offers its members the opportunity to participate in all IFAA disciplines and it recognises the International Field Archery Association disciplines. In so doing, members can decide which discipline they are more comfortable with and have the opportunity to compete in indoor, field and 3D archery.

Frequently asked questions

Our Membership Prior 2021?

All archers who were officially registered and in good standing with SANAA and participated in the IFAA / SANIFAA competitions will be moved over from the SANAA website to the SANIFAA website. The first year membership will be free.

Please note This is a migration process and some components will take time.

Entries Nationals 2020?

All entries we received for the South African National Field Archery Campionship (SANFAC) 2020 will be moved over to the SANFAC 2021.

All entries we received for the South African National Indoor Archery Championship (SANIAC) 2020 will be moved over to the SANIAC 2021.

Competitions 2021?

We have finalised our calendar for the 2021 year and it will be published on our website. Our Facebook page is live.

South Africa has moved back to an adjusted alert Level 3 lockdown until 15 February 2021. This could then either be relaxed or extended, depending on the trend in the spread of Covid-19 infections which has reached critical levels in a second wave. All our events on the calendar until then has been put on hold and it will either be re-scheduled or cancelled, depending on how the lockdown will go.

What happened to scores and records?

All scores and records will be migrated to SANIFAA. SANIFAA will acknowledge these.

SANIFAA will use the information for any awards that ours archers qualify for.

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Access to the Website

All SANIFAA Members need to register to get access to the SANIFAA website. This will not give access to Members Only. The website make use of duel authentication. Select the option Sign Up on the right hand side of the website. This will allow you to sign into the website and get access to Members Only. This is not an official SANIFAA membership application only access to the website. See Membership for more detail

After activation the Website registration you will receive access to a menu function Members Only which will be dedicated to you as a SANIFAA Member. If you are a new SANIFAA Member you will receive a letter that supply details on your login credentials.

Previous SANAA Members still need to register to gain access to the website. The website credentials were not transferred.
When you have successfully registered for website access, your credentials for Members Only were transferred from the SANAA website and you can access the Members Only section with your SANAA Membership number and password. SANIFAA will use the same Membership Number you used in SANAA for all Members that was in good standing with SANAA in 2019 and 2020.   


Access to the Website

Web site access



Wecome to SANIFAA

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